Tuesday, December 18, 2012

piss OFFFF !!

salam and Holaaa :) yeah today i got only two classes . hooorayy :P but ade jugak benda yg buat faya piss off . GOD !! everything now compile jadi satu and be a big big big problem . seriously , if faya stay macam ni . it will drive me jadi crazy =E . I dont know what the problem dengan people around me :| . rase sgt down . really really down . 

p/s: tak tahu nak kata ape lagi . AKU GERAM !!
Monday, December 17, 2012

imma student guyss !!!!

salam and holaa :) ini sambungan dari thread yg before . guyss , i have a happy news . now im a uni student . im proud to be :D mase faya bukak UPU (i dont know what it stands for , but a student like me know how important this upu). So bukak je , fill ic and some crap thing . faya check . ohh Allah , alhamdulilah , faya gt offer from UTEM(Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka) and they offer me course yang faya minat , 


yes , after je faya check . suddenly my tears drop and i call ibu . she's proud with me . she was crying too . ya Allah , syukur . memang masa spm faya ada apply utem ni but no rezeki . thats why faya futher matriks . but alhmdulilah my doa selama ini termakbul . faya now university student . I REALLY PROUD :)
faya register 2/9 and now 17/12 . almost 5 month disini . my greatgreatgreat experiences to be here . faya tak tahu macam mana nak express my happy feelings ni . but cukuplah i said , ALHAMDULILAH :D 

seronok jadi student UNI nih . tak macam sekolah and matriks dulu . there's a thing that u have to learn by yourself . All of this will teach you how to carry your life by your own . faya admit , sometimes faya feels down how to cover up my problem by my own . tapi dengan bantuan kawankwan , alhamdulilah i can get trough all of this . im good now . yeay ! 

for next post , faya akan post my activity when im at melaka ni ye . stay tuned yee sayangsayang :) muahx !

p/s : utem at melaka . durian tunggal area my campus :D 

tok ! tok ! I'm home

Salam and hola :) warghh after 1 year and now i come back. yeah ! hoorayy me . 2012 is the busiest ever in my life . Bukan ape , bulan 4 faya dah habis matrik . then cari kerja . thats so challenge me guys . i was working at mini market . back to marik story , yeah finally , faya habis juga matrik . only god knows how happy faya bile last day matrik tuh . yes , matrik so challenging :E i tell you ! you have to ready physically and mentally . you guys have to be strong and dont ever GIVE UP ! inshaAllah , you guys can face it :) habis matrik and then i was on mission , CARI KERJA . yay ! so many places , faya apply tok cari kerja . one place to other places . damn hard to find . after one weeks , i received one call . 
anonymous: hello , may i speak to fara ?

faya: yes speaking.
anonymous : can u come to my office on this blablabla at blabla.
fara: yes my pleasure .
ye, faya dapat kerja at mini market . just behind my taman perumahan . haiyoo , my another experiences . SUPERB ! i lost my weight for 3 kg . great right . hehe :D i know . 
i working there almost 3 month . then UPU bukak . and yes ......

to be continue . guys , i miss u so much . thanks for viewing 

p/s: muahxxx ! missssssssssssssssss  


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