Friday, December 18, 2015

salam :) hi . hari ini 18/12/2015 . just a few days je lagi nak 2016 . alhamdulilah . after nia silent for several years . i came across this blog and saw so much memories back then . yes , i still student di UTeM . still taking the same course and ofcourse , i am ALONE . haha :) its nothing . I am 22 now gais and still counting , alhamdulilah Allah . yet , so many thing happened . tooks me angry , falls , sad and a lot of feeling . Nia belajar macam mana nak hadap macam2 people out there . baby , world out there is so challenging , prepare yourself . have a SHIELD . dont let anyone penetrate you easily . if you let them , you will fragile enough to break . but let me tell you something , dont you ever regret dengan apa yang berlaku dalam kehidupan mu . cuz it is your learning process . to you to be a good human being . dekat sini i am not going to story bout me . not yet gais :)  we will have the story later . but for the introduction after i 'dissapear' for a long long long time . i just want to tell , enjoy your life . dont ever scare to make a mistake . i tahu i cakap macam ni i still got the fear to buat mistakes . but mistakes yang ajar kita untuk lagi STAY STRONG ! so sayang :) if you sekarang dalam hard situation , put a smile first , call your parent . talk to them , let allthe things out . if you wanna cry , just cry , PLEASE ! jangan tahan . when everything is ok . get up and face it . Dear ,no worry to be alone . no worry if no friend yang nak teman you saat you jatuh cuz believe me . untill one time , you will be ALONE juga . so learn from now dear . DARL , keep practice HATI tuh untuk jadi sado . jangan mudah mengalah . you are fighters ! let them laugh , mad or watever it is cuz its your life not them . so do watever you feels right with the help of ur parent advice too .. WARNING : jangan pernah lupa parent kita sebab dorang lah kita ada atas muka bumi ini .  so  any decision make sure you rujuk dengan mereka . so be strong my dear . 

last but not least , nia try to make this blog alive again since i got nothing to do . muehehe:) . remember baby , what doesnt kills you make you stronger . 

p/s : syahdu pula bila buat post nih :/


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